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Natural Wampum Quahog Shell Round Bead 7mm

Natural Wampum Quahog Shell Round Bead 7mm

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Natural Wampum Quahog Shell Bead 7mm

High Quality and Natural Quality and Good Quality

Material : Wampum Quahog Shell

Shape : Round Bead

7mm Hole Size: 1mm

Shell Origin : North America

Natural Shell : No treat Color . No stabilized

DIY jewelry making design for bracelet and necklace.

***Natural Material***

Please note that as natural material they may have slight imperfections and color/pattern may vary.

DIY jewelry making design for bracelet and necklace.
***if you buy a quantity, please contact me to get the wholesale price.

Q: I can't find the size of gemstone which I prefer.
A: Apart from the gemstones we exhibit in our store, customized orders are also accepted. Please feel free to send messages or contact us through our email : for further details.

***Please note that each gemstone is unique and may look different from the picture shown. As the gemstones are 100% natural, slight imperfections may exist.

The company will implement the new policy!

Due to the frequent seizure of goods by customs.

Recently If your package is impounded by local customs, It will start counting with 60 days from the date of seizure.
If the parcel is still detained after 60 days, we will resend the shipment for you.
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